Aubrey Boom is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, LPCC, Life Coach, positive mindset mentor, and a lover of helping others take their lives to the next level.  Her life was not always lived by the principles it is today.  She has done much work and research on herself, her mindset, and her physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological health.  Her medium is her story, her education in psychotherapy, and her daily practice of meditation.   She disseminates the ever-increasing body of knowledge she has acquired and shares these timeless and powerful truths with her clients

Since adolescence she struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, self-destructive behaviors, fatalistic and critical thinking, and was on a negative and downward spiral.  She entered into relationships with men who were negative, selfish, unprotective, and in no way healthy or supportive of her.  A continual stream of negative events continued to bombard her until one

day her very soul itself cried out.  She found herself in a nightmare and ultimately at a very serious crossroad in her life.  She could no longer continue operating the way she had been in life.  Life had become meaningless, dangerous, dark.  She could no longer lie to herself.

The spirit of resilience rose from the deepest seat of her soul and she made a commitment to find the answers she always sought.  On a mission, she began researching karma which lead into energy work which took her down the path of meditation, manifestation, visualization and learning how we each attract what we have in our lives.  She earned a Masters of Arts in Counseling from the University of New Mexico.  She started uncovering the wisdom of the ages in regards to how our thoughts create our emotions, how our emotions create our intentions, behaviors and reactions, and how these ultimately create the lives we lead.

Aubrey began to implement this new information into her own life and began to immediately see results.  A glimmer of hope was restored and ignited her passion to learn everything she could about the ordered principles of the universe. She has overcome the perceived barriers she once faced that resulted in a lack of peace of mind.  She identified her limiting beliefs through careful self-awareness and mindfulness techniques – all the while keeping track of exactly what worked and exactly what steps she took.

She has utilized these guiding principles in her thought life, academia, competing in her cycling and running events, in both personal and professional relationships, and most importantly – in her everyday internal world.  She has taken her life from negative to positive and continues to grow in knowledge and understanding through her life’s journey.  Though life has its serious challenges at times, her default is now one of peace, joy, strength, clarity, & laughter.

Aubrey adores her clients and utilizes their uniqueness and individuality, and challenges and encourages them to rise above their self-perceived limitations by using a step by step model of insight & awareness.  The exact one she has used.

Having coached clients from around the world, Aubrey has helped them live more positive, abundant and meaningful lives, both personally and professionally. Clients hail from various walks of life – entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, attorneys, stay at home mothers, retirees, adolescents – and all ages, from 7 to 75 years old.  Many of her clients are highly intuitive yet are facing barriers, limiting beliefs or otherwise are feeling stuck in their relationship, career, life transition, or personal endeavors.  Every individual faces different challenges & has unique goals. Though everyone’s backgrounds are varied, the process of growth is essentially the same. It’s a system based on universal laws.

She recognizes her clients’ unique brilliance and individual gifts; challenging and encouraging them to rise above their perceived limitations.

In an effort to support client goals, new patterns of thought, clarity and growth – Aubrey utilizes methods that are both belief- and behavior-based. She addresses not only the issue at hand but the mindset and health of the individual as well. They don’t work for some people – they work for every person open to the process of expansion.

Each client presents with different aspirations and faces different challenges. Some clients require more structure or prefer more guidance, others are looking for new or alternative information, and some simply need more accountability. A key focus of Aubrey’s work is to approach each individual where they are today and align her strategies with their unique goals and value systems.


We are thrilled to have Stacia Roum, LMSW, as part of our team at Aubrey Boom & Associates. She brings extensive wisdom, experience, and a diverse array of skills to the team.

Stacia believes we all have the answers within us and with positivity, acceptance and guidance we will find them. Stacia uses mindfulness in her life and incorporates it into everything she does. 

Being aware of what your body and intuition are saying is half the battle. If your inner critic is too loud she’ll will work with you to turn it down and turn up your more helpful internal voice. Stacia is calm, objective and compassionate and uses these skills to ask the right questions to allow you to dig deeper so you can identify and subsequently push through your internal barriers. She is a client advocate and believes we are all works in progress. “You deserve credit for every small step taken towards your goal. The small changes are sometimes the most profound.”

Stacia is a graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle with a BA in Women Studies and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. She has years of experience working with those experiencing chronic illness, trauma, grief & loss and addiction and is constantly amazed at people’s resilience. Stacia lives in Santa Fe, NM with her family, 2 dogs and kitty. In her spare time Stacia enjoys running, skiing, hot yoga, hiking, meditating, reading, knitting, collecting rocks and gardening and is a proud Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteer. 

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