Clarity – Confidence – Direction – Power

Aubrey Boom, is a licensed mental health therapist, LPCC, professional life coach and positive mindset mentor in leadership, spirituality, mental toughness, resilience and emotional strength. Her experience with clients has proven time and time again…that it’s the challenges, crossroads, adversity, and often “sudden inspiration” that present the ultimate opportunity for personal growth and greatness.  The ability to open your minds and spirits to both your inner voice and learning new ways of perceiving the world is the first step in igniting the awesome ability and power within us all towards change – regardless of our circumstances or past.   

She will routinely focus on and foster your strengths while uncovering what may be contributing to your less effective areas of functioning; resulting in more loving relationships, increased mental clarity, increased productivity in your career, gains in confidence, reaching higher and higher goals, self-actualization, etc.  Great coaches inspire you to transcend and transform your relationship to your circumstances and shift your mindset to a more powerful and intentional state.  Aubrey not only help you reach new heights in terms of results, but will also empower you to live with intention, vitality, enjoyment, and productivity and accomplishment, while tending to reduce your stress and anxiety levels commonly experienced when in a high stress environment or internal state.  Life is full of peaks and valleys.  It’s our views of life and the circumstances that have hurt us that cause us to believe life is difficult.  We endlessly create our own lives and have the power to change its course at any given point in time.  You are exceedingly powerful. 

Aubrey’s coaching and psychotherapy style is one of relationship, dialog and insight.  She will discuss your current issues, beliefs, experiences, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc. and uncover their roots.  She’ll weigh the truth of certain internal stories and patterns of thought and assess whether they are serving you.  If not, together you will strategize how you can live in a more positive and peaceful vibration while restructuring your mindset and working towards the achievement of your external goals.  Aubrey will help you discover truth about yourself, your blocks to even higher success, emotional awareness, your inner critic, your soul.  She will lead you to what you want most from your time together – insight.

Life coaching is for anyone taking on an ambitious and challenging new goal, at a crossroads or transition in their lives, are feeling stuck, tackling addiction, or would appreciate assistance in breaking through barriers to their ultimate power & wellbeing.  Everyone feels stuck at some points in their lives or feel there’s more out there but aren’t sure how to tap into it.  Changing your life and investing in personal growth and coaching is a privilege and the highest quality gift you can give yourself.  You will receive the tools and mentorship on how to choose your thoughts, crush overwhelm & fear and live your life by design.  This is your one beautiful life in this form.  Don’t waste it.  You’re worth it.

What you can expect:

  • Prepare for Change in Your Life: Master your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of life’s ever evolving landscape.
  • Create the ability to be in the present moment, resulting in greater clarity and greater discernment
  • An increase in the ability to become more fully self-expressed, resulting in more authentic and empowering relationships
  • An increase in the skills and ability to manage the mind and emotions
  • An increase in the ability to sustain attention resulting in getting “in the zone” or being “in flow”
  • Goal Setting (strategies to boost measurable productivity)
  • Confidence/Empowerment/Self-Worth
  • Take control of the direction and vision of your future
  • Time management – step by step
  • Relinquish limiting beliefs & patterns of doubts
  • Learn to recognize how your past is holding you back from your greatest desires and how to release it
  • Truly understand the interplay between Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Clear Mental blocks & break the endless cycle of doubt & negativity
  • Mindset techniques – Mindset is everything
  • Retrain your thoughts & align your energy with exactly what you desire in your life
  • Heighten your intuition & deepen your connection to God/Universe/Source
  • Truthful guidance on life, joy and inner peace
  • Forge a new direction in life, the one to your ultimate calling & purpose

Most coaching sessions are conducted over the phone.  A proper time is set and Aubrey will call you in the comfort of your own home and surroundings (unless otherwise arranged).  It’s an effective, relaxed and time honoring approach for your busy lifestyle.

Aubrey would be honored to walk this portion of your life journey alongside you.

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