The mind-soul-body-spirit connection.

What is it:

  • Psychotherapy and/or Life Coaching conducted outdoors
  • Running, Cycling, Hiking, or Walking combined with talk therapy
  • Integration of Positive Psychology, Awareness and Mindfulness
  • It is “Emotion in Motion”

What it is not:

  • DOMT is not an exercise regimen
  • It is not about training or about the specific sport engaged in
  • It is not a get fit quick routine

Dynamic Outside Movement Therapy encompasses mind, body and spirt.  Aubrey presents psychotherapy as a dialog and energy exchange. It is not a sport coaching session, it is walking, cycling, hiking or running together at a non-stressful pace that enables conversation as needed.

It is well known that the more senses involved in the learning process, the more easily new information is retained and the better we learn.  DOMT combines speaking, hearing, smell, sight and movement to help clients gain a better holistic understanding of themselves and their thoughts, choices, intentions and habits.  Instead of the sterile atmosphere of a therapist’s office, your lives and issues will be taken into the rich, beautiful and diverse world of nature, which affords space for a different perspective on how to cope with challenging issues of the human condition.  Aubrey will come up alongside you and share steps (or revolutions) together and support you through this stage of your life journey – all the while sharing life together instead of “a therapy appointment”.

DOMT is an integrative psychotherapy grounded in person centered, existential and solution focused brief therapy. Both client and therapist/coach direct the discussion and experience.  The space is one of non-judgment, and where applicable, such existential themes as freedom and choice, along with spirituality are explored.  Aubrey believes the client is an expert on their own life and as such will respect your beliefs and opinions, and provide you an opportunity to pace the exercise along with the content and depth of conversation.  As an integrative and experiential approach, DOMT aims to synergize thoughts, emotions and behaviors, with healthy physiological levels of functioning – strengthening the whole person.

Is DOMT for you?

  • DOMT is for anyone interesting in addressing the mind-soul-body-spirit connection
  • Those wanting to implement higher stages of mindfulness and awareness into their daily lives and activities
  • Those struggling with addictions and impulsivity
  • Those struggling with depression and anxiety
  • Adolescents
  • Those in transition or at a crossroads in life
  • Those who feel stuck or would like to work through limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns
  • Those who are undertaking a new challenge and have made the commitment to embrace mentorship and accountability
  • Those walking the path of personal grief and trauma
Aubrey would be honored to walk this portion of your life journey alongside you.

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